Research meeting

Presentation by Professor David Chinitz from Hebrew University, Israel

Technocratic and political approaches in health policy: rationing and quality of care.

It is fairly well known that social policy and public management have featured a paradigmatic dichotomy and tension between technocratic, quantitative based approaches on one hand, and approaches sensitive to politics and institutions on the other. What is less attended to in both academic and practitioner circles, is the ongoing lack of progress in achieving systematic melding of the two poles in the dichotomy. In this talk I review the experience with these dilemmas in at least two countries (the US and Israel), with particular emphasis on components of health policy: rationing of health care and the measurement of the quality of care.

No paper is distributed before the meeting. - So just bring your lunch and be ready to discuss.

David Chinitz holds a PhD in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Pennsylvania and is a Professor of Health Policy and Management at the School of Public Health of the Hebrew University and Hadassah in Jerusalem. His research and publications are in the areas of comparative health system reform, health care priority setting, management of cancer services, mental health policy, and the impact of quality improvement programs at the level of front line staff in community and hospital settings.  He has consulted for the World Health Organization, and served as President of the International Society for Priority Setting in Health Care, and  Chair of  the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Health Management Association,  as well as serving on the editorial advisory boards of Health Economics, Policy and Law and the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research. During academic year 2016-17 he is a Visiting Scholar at the Wagner School of New York University.