About Centre for Health Economics and Policy ( CHEP)

The CHEP group aims to develop international state of the art research and education in health policy and health economics. The Centre serves as a platform for research projects and educational activities related to comparative health systems analysis, health policy analysis, health economic analysis of prioritization, technology assessment, public-private collaboration, and the use of incentives to support effective health services and promote healthy life style choices.

The Centre promotes multi-disciplinary research where public health, health economics and political science theory and methods are brought together in order to understand health system challenges and point to sustainable solutions.

Empirically the Centre is characterized by strong and detailed knowledge of Nordic health systems, which is used as a starting point for national studies and international comparisons of health policy developments.

A number of activities are undertaken to support the goals of the Centre:

  • Developing research projects and applications
  • Facilitating scientific debates about research and policy initiatives through seminars, workshops etc
  • Delivering university courses and programs in health policy and health economics
  • Publishing in relevant international scientific journals
  • Participating in policy communities and public debates on health policy issues

The Centre for Health Economics and Policy (CHEP) at University of Copenhagen was established in 2013. Karsten Vrangbæk is head of the centre and Mette Gørtz serves as the deputy head of centre.